Thursday, 21 July 2016

VLOG - My Birthday 'Christmas in July' Craft Extravaganza & a HUGE Cult Pens GIVEAWAY!!


Elaine Greenwood said...

Love watching your Vlogs Clair, love listening to your English accent. I left the UK in 1977, now live in Canada.

Linny said...

I would love to win some pens! Thank you for the chance Clair. Great vlog as usual. You have these down to a fine art now. Linda x

Annette Tinworth said...

Miss you guys and the wonderful classes . So grateful for the videos and pictures of the creative works and catching up on things . Would love to be able to win the pen selection to try and keep up with you guys as I only have about 8 of the Coptic pens so I don't do colouring.
Annette 😻

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