Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Workshop card & Catch up!..

Hi guys...It's been ages since I wrote a blog post! I know a couple of scheduled posts have gone up whilst I was away & of course, I linked all the youtube videos on here but this is the first time in ages that I'm actually posting live! I've missed the blog, & I'm excited to be getting back into daily blogging :)

Today's post is mainly to share with you this weeks workshop project..

..I love the card we're making but I'm ultra disappointed with these photos - I took them quickly on my phone & that never works out well!!! in real life the card is really pretty I promise!! lol.

but also this post is to catch up & say HELLO...we had a amazing time in Florida, bought loads of exciting new craft stash & of course took loads of photos which I'll share with you in layouts as I make them. I've made just one layout so far (with a process video) which I'll share on here tomorrow.

...so I guess that's all for now.

..& I'll be back tomorrow!



Unknown said...

Card looks really pretty, can't wait xx

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful Clair xx

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