Wednesday, 15 June 2016

another trip to the hospital!!!'s literally a week to the day that Sharni was rushed in for her Appendix op & now my little niece Rosa in in hospital too!!!! :(  I don't know the full details yet, but I know she fell off her climbing frame in the garden yesterday around dinner time & has broken and dislocated her elbow & she have to have surgery late last night!!!

My brother sent me this pic & it makes me sad looking at it...

..I know this is her 'i'm trying to be so brave' face..poor little thing!!

I'm heading up to see her soon - I think she needs a whole load of cuddles from her auntie xxx

UPDATE: The surgery wasn't as bad as first thought - thankfully they managed to manipulate her elbow back into position without cutting into her. She'll have a cast on for a while but should heal quickly.


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