Friday, 22 April 2016

Copic Club & Daily Vlogging!

Hi guys.

Happy Friday to you all!!!

I had such a lovely time at Copic club last night - Plenty of laughs were had & lots of colouring tips being shared - and of course, food was eaten & money was spent!! which is pretty typical for the Paperettes!!! lol.

 I worked on practicing my denim..

..which turned out ok, but I think it needs a little more texture.

& I also attempted wood for the first time..

..I'm actually pretty pleased with it :)


Yesterday I vlogged all day!!..I'm doing it because I really want to capture all of our craft Florida trip on film so I can share it with the Paperettes who aren't coming along this time. so I thought the easiest way would be to do daily vlogs (video blogs)/ follow me around / day in the life type videos, so they're relaxed & casual, but they still record the memories.

As I said, yesterday was a practice day but I am going to upload over on my YouTube channel it as I did do lots of craft things & if you're anything like me (i.e. nosey) you'll enjoy it - I love watching other peoples vlogs & seeing what they get up to!!



Unknown said...

That was really good Clair! You wouldn't have known it was the first one!!!! LOVED the bag!!!!! If ever you need to loose it, loose it my way!!!the freebies look amazing, very generous of Cult Pens to do that!! Look forward to the next one!!!! Oh! And by the way, I'm coming to lunch!!!lol!!!! Fab!!!!!xxxx well done!!!

Unknown said...

Great video Clair xxx

Tracey said...

I so enjoyed your vlog. Would love to join your group!! xx

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