Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A 12x12 layout..

Sharni & I managed to get a couple of hours to craft together on Saturday, it's been so hard with her new job, she's working as a carer for the elderly & she's absolutely loving it but she just doesn't get any time off!, actually I lie, she gets every wednesday off, but on that day she volunteers at a school for people with learning disabilities.. so basically I barley get to see her anymore :( 

but, as I said, we did get a little bit of crafty time on Saturday & we both made layouts using photos from our Florida trip in November..

These photo were taken in the lovely little town of Celebration, it's so pretty! anyway on one of the days we were there this massive fire truck stopped by & the girls managed to convince the fire fighter to let them climb on it for a photo!!

...It was such a fun moment, you honestly would've thought the girls were 4 years old, they got so excited!!!!

..another MAGIC moment in Florida :)


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Marianne's Craftroom said...

Great layout and colours, love the arrows. Love Celebration

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