Monday, 22 February 2016

My cards we're on TV...!!!

...I wasn't sure if they'd actually show my cards on Hochanda but they did!!!! Alan thought I was completely nutty, sitting there squealing with delight as my cards got featured!!..I know it's not exciting for anyone else but it was for me :)

I got a few screen shots...

I have to say I'm not big on any of the craft shopping channels so this was my very first time watching Hochanda ..the Craft Stash segment I watched was really impressive & there are actually some great deals on there  :)

Do you watch?



Katrina Bufton said...

Well done Clair, I would be squealing with delight too. Lovely cards, I especially like the round one. I watch Hochanda quite a lot, it's fab having another channel.
Katrina xx

Gill said...

Congratulations Clair - your cards are so lovely.

Happy Crafting
Gill xxx

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