Wednesday, 24 February 2016

12x12 scrapbook layout..

Hi guys! happy wednesday to you all..

First off I must say THANK YOU..I've received some lovely emails & messages regarding my YouTube videos - I know I still have a lot to learn but I'm so pleased that you guys like the videos & have asked for more :)

Today I'm sharing with you a scrapbook layout I made a couple of weeks ago..

The photos are of our trip to Cheddar gorge & caves.

I was inspired to make the layout by the products I had - I bought a pack of Simple Stories SNAP cards..

 It came with these small 2x2 cards, so I thought it'd be nice to do the whole layout in 2x2 squares like an Insta-layout! after laying down all my cards & cutting my photos to size I just arranged them & added a few embellishments.

I really like it & it's a great way to use your photos that aren't the best quality!

Hope it inspires you a little :)


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