Monday, 25 January 2016


..Hi guys. I'm coming at you today with a completely non-crafty post. 

Those of you who know me know I'm vegetarian, I have been for over 10 years now & I would never ever ever go back to eating meat!...but over the last few months I've been thinking of taking it one step further & becoming Vegan. I'll be honest with you I don't know if I can do it???..I absolutely LOVE cheese & eggs, plus we eat out a LOT & can I really eat out & get a good vegan meal? I don't know, but I think i'm going to try...

There are some very interesting videos online at the moment, just search youtube & you'll find loads.. I personally think this speech by Gary Yourofsky is worth a watch.....It's an hour long, but in my opinion it's well worth it, even if you have no desire to go vegan it's worth educating yourself isn't it?..

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