Monday, 9 November 2015

Happy Monday..

..I hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

My Christmas card making event on Saturday was absolutely brilliant!!!! I do love my little craft group so much..did I tell you we've officially got a name now - THE PAPERETTES - It's just for fun, well actually it's mainly for when we go on our craft USA trip, we're going to have matching t-shirts made up for when we fly...tacky but :) 

I completely forgot to take photos on Saturday, apart from this one of the gorgeous cupcakes we had made for us...

..aren't they pretty? & they tasted great too!!

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Sandie who was lucky enough to win the raffle, which was a £50 Stampin Up voucher!!!! I know you'll have fun spending this Sandie :)

I'll take photos of all the cards we made on saturday & post them on here very soon.


I don't have a craft project to share with you today I'm afraid, But I will be back tomorrow with one I promise :)


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