Monday, 28 September 2015

Hi guys..

..I'm back with another layout to share with you..

This layout is about our love for Coke (specifically Diet Coke!)...we never used to drink any fizzy drinks until we started going holiday-ing in America, over there it's impossible not to drink it! I do limit it to a 'weekends only' drink though or else we'd go through bottles of the stuff!!

So in 2013 when Coke launched the 'Share a coke' campaign (their most successful campaign ever - you can read more about it here if you want) we couldn't find our names anywhere so I went on the website & ordered them...

..I've added hidden journaling to this layout which tells the story of  'share a coke' & includes some of the facts & figures, to get to it you pull the tab you can just see poking out at the top which reads 'tell a story'.

..I hope you like this layout & it inspires you to scrap little fun things as well as the big moments in life :)

See you tomorrow

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Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea Clair! So,original!!!

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