Thursday, 10 September 2015

Filofax / Planner FREE printable ...

..good morning guys.

 I have something a little different for you today..

I've mentioned on here briefly before how I love using my Filofax (blog post here) well my collection has changed a little since then, I've decided the size that works best for me at the moment is A5 so I sold a few of my smaller sized ones & bought a couple more A5's. The one I'm using currently is a gorgeous Finsbury in orange it!!

I decided the other week I needed a to do list & meal planner, I searched around on pinterest but couldn't find one that worked for me so I decided to design my own..

It's pretty simple but it's working perfectly.. I right down my weekly to do's & tick the little circle when done. I add a meal for each day in the meal planner & the blank box at the bottom I use for odd notes or I list any ingredients I might need to pick up for one of the meals.

left page..

 right page..

I made a left page & a right page so the border is on the correct side when you come to punching out the holes.

so please, if it's any use to you, feel free download it :)

hope it helps!


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