Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ebay!...& a layout :)

hi guys... are you having a good day? I've been busy listing on ebay this morning. I had a massive clear out of my beauty/make up bits & bobs so if you're into high end make up & beauty head on over to my ebay to grab a bargain..

my ebay username is sexyclair :)

I have another layout to share today..

..this one is a bit of a fun one - I took this selfie when alan took me out one saturday, he told me were were going for lunch, which was nice, BUT what he failed to tell me was we had to pop into the car scrap yard (graveyard) first to search for a part for his van!!..I begrudgingly got out to help him & just as we got right to the very back of the field, out in the open, it absolutely poured down!!!..we got completely drenched through - I was so NOT impressed & told him it was the worst date ever!!! lol..

..it's good to scrap the silly moments too! :)

(ps..i know about the spelling mistake..will be editing it today!)

see you tomorrow!

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