Tuesday, 4 August 2015

workshop card 06.08.15..

good morning guys.It's time for me to share this weeks workshop card with you...

..another different technique for us to try :)  this time we're doing the 'BOKEH' technique, for those of you not familiar with bokeh, it's a photography term meaning to make the background soft & blurry. a photo will always look better if the back ground is blurry so your eye finds it easier to focus on the subject & not get distracted by what's going on behind.

here's an example I found on the internet..

see..the one on the right is so much nicer to look at isn't it?..

..now of course with our card, It's not really about making your eye focus on the subject it's more just playing around & getting inky to make a soft bokeh style look :)

..what do you think?..it it bokeh-licious??

..I enjoyed trying it & I hope you do too :)


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Unknown said...

Really really love this Clair, but looks a tad difficult to me!!!!! Looking forward to having a go!!xx

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