Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Workshop card 09.07.15..

...good morning guys. 

Well I finally got round to completing our workshop card last night! I've been trying to make this card for four days & it just wasn't working!!! I knew I wanted to do 'vintage watercolour roses' but blimey it was harder than I thought!!!! I must have thrown about 10 trial cards in the bin - I just couldn't find a technique that worked perfectly, but finally I'm pleased with this one..

I hope you guys like it too as your kit boxes are made up now & we're making it tomorrow!!! :) 

...see you at workshop!



Jane said...

Wow, that looks amazing, are you sure WE're going to be able to make it???? x

Linny said...

Stunning card Clair. hugs Linda x

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