Friday, 24 July 2015

Cruise project life layouts, part 3..

..the final installment of my cruise project life layouts to share with you today..

Haifa, Israel..

we took a visit to the Bahai gardens which are the largest hanging gardens in the world - very very pretty, immaculately clean & not one single leaf or petal out of place!

It was such hot day, after the gardens we wandered around the old town taking in the sights & stopping in a local restaurant to try out the local food..

..over night the ship traveled back to Marmaris, Turkey where we had to say goodbye to the ship, head to Dalaman airport fly home.

It's been lovely project life-ing these photos & I'm pleased I managed to condense them into 6 pages :)


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Cally said...

Fab layouts Clair and some lovely memories..

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