Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Cruise project life layouts, part 2..

..another 2 pages from the cruise to share today..

3: Larnaca, Cyprus..

we've been to Cyprus before & to be honest we're not particularly keen on the place, but it was still nice to wander around & enjoy the sunshine.

Can you see the photo of us all dressed up?..we're on board the ship & ready for the captains champagne reception & dinner - we had to stop for a quick selfie first though, obviously! :)

4: Ashdod, Israel..

we chose not to do too any planned excursions on this cruise, we were more than happy to just wander around & get a feel for the place, generally sight seeing & of course, eating in the local restaurants. 

Ashdod is really quite beautiful, immaculately clean with beautiful beaches & delicious food. there are a few shopping malls too, nothing amazing, but I did pop into a Pandora store to buy a new charm for my bracelet :)

I hope you like this 2nd installment & i'll be back soon with the 3rd & final layouts.

see you tomorrow! 


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