Monday, 30 March 2015

Photography challenge...

...I haven't been using my camera so much lately, I don't know why really!?! actually let me rephrase that...I use my camera ALL THE TIME to take photo's of the cards I make to share them on here & FB & Pinterest etc... BUT.. I've not actually taken the camera out & been creative with it!! 

soooo...I'm giving myself a challenge in April, I want to use my camera (NOT my iPhone) to take ONE photo EVERY you think I can do it???...I'm not sure either...but i'm going to give it a try :)

I took this photo of Sofie last night..I kinda like it - it's what we call 'Sofie in her natural habitat'... 13 years old ALL she wants to do is snuggle in bed in her jimjams & play on her laptop!

Why don't you take part in my challenge too? It'll give us all some great Project life material...

Speak soon,

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Unknown said...

Lovely photo Clair! It's very atmospheric! I really like black and white photos there is just something special about them! Kevin has just bought me a new camera for my birthday and looking forward to having a nice little play with it over the easter hopefully!!!x

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