Monday, 23 March 2015

Craft room storage / organisation - PUNCHES

Hi guys..I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Another installment of the storage/organisation series for you today & this time we're focusing on punches..

My punches are probably the only things in my craftroom that haven't actually been moved around at all.. I knew from the very beginning I wanted them stored on wall mounted rails - I started off with two rows of the GRUNDTAL rails from IKEA..when I outgrew that space I added a row at the bottom, these are the BYGEL rails from IKEA.. both types of rail work perfectly well & hold both the old & new style Stampin Up punches along with other brands too..

as you can see, I've now outgrown the rails again & had to move to the small shelf above (time for a sort out I think!!)..

these rails are right above my workspace which makes it super easy to grab the punches when you need them.

I hope that helps :)



Unknown said...

Wow Clair this looks real good! So new and tidy!!! Love the rails for the punches!!!brilliant idea!!x

Cally said...

I so need some of these rails...

Jane said...

That looks great, so organised and looks so nice! x

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