Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More project life...

..I will make a card again soon I promise! at the moment I'm trying to focus on working my way through the backlog of photo's I need to get made into layouts.

I went WAY back to the very beginning of our story for these layouts.

Alan drew this picture for me the night he 'asked me out'..25 years ago!!! we were both about 16, so young! I've had this picture in a box in the loft all those years so even though it's not a photo I thought it'd be appropriate to start the album with it..

 (that little photo at the bottom right is literally the only photo I have of us before children!) after 7 months of dating...

..9 months later.. we get on to the hundreds of 'odd' photos I have of Sharni..I'm just trying to get them in order & add any details I remember about the day.. to add them into the albums..

& move on to the next batch!  :)


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