Friday, 12 December 2014

a day at Drusillas..

..another of those days which made the month special.

Rosa has just turned 3 & is staring to be really captivated by the animals she sees at the zoo, it's not just 'looking' at the animals anymore it's 'seeing' how they eat, sleep, play etc.

This photo I took of her looking into the gecko tank really sums up how she is 'seeing' things now..

...just beautiful!

Austin on the other hand, at 19 months old, just runs around pointing & 'grunting' at the animals..he tries to copy their noises but really all you get is a grunt! :)

here are some of our favourite animals of the day...

& some of my favourite photos..

I love being an auntie :)



PeeJay said...

Beautiful photos Clair. You're a brilliant photographer x

Linny said...

What beautiful photos Clair.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Linda x

Unknown said...

So beautiful Clair! What gorgeous children!xxx

Cally said...

Lovely photos Clair. Drusillas is my weekly haunt with my grandson.:-).

Charlie said...

Fab photos of the animals and super cute kids too. =0)

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