Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Scrapbook / Project life club..

It's crop again this thursday & i'm still working on getting all my old photos sorted! I'm planning to take the photos from our recent cruise along tomorrow (if i finish getting them edited in time!!) & hopefully i'll get a couple of pages done.

I have managed to get time in the craftroom a couple of evenings this week & i've completed another double page layout - these are photo's taken earlier this year when Alan & I went up to London for the Gumball 3000 rally..

(yes, that is david hasslehoff on the car !)

I found some race-car printables online which were perfect for this project - I also made some metallic background pieces using the same technique we used on this card here, which also worked great with the race-car theme.

With this next one I worked with photos taken way back in 1992, which was Sharni's 1st Christmas..

& then her 2nd Christmas..

for the two chrismast layouts I didn't use any project life card packs or downloadable images - I just used up old cardstock & christmas papers I already's actually really nice digging through your old papers & embellishments seeing what you can do with them :)

I still have hundreds of photo to get through but I do feel i'm starting to make a small dent in them now! 


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