Saturday, 23 August 2014

Project life / Scrapbooking organisation..

The girls & I have been spending a lot of time in the craftroom lately trying to sort of the mountain of photos I need to do something with! 

Project life is certainly making it much easier & quicker but I still have a tonne of photos, both digital & originals (pre-digital) to get through. 

I've decided I want to get all my photos into date order - I want to end up with something like this.. 

..or this..

a wall of albums in date order, starting from when Alan & I first got together.. so basically it's a photographic time-line of our life.

We've been together over 20 years so that an awful lot of photos!!!

This is a massive task, I want to buy all new matching PL albums from Stampin up a rearrange all my existing scrapbook layouts & combine them with PL so they're in date order rather than in the order I made the layout.

I'm trying to get 2 layouts done a week.. this week I've done this double page layout with pictures taken in Barbados in 2004..

& this one with photos of Sofie taken on a 'Victorian day' at Amberley museum in 2011..

I'm not working in any date order, i'm just working my way through each bundle of photos making layouts & then I'll put them into date order after.

I keep you updated :)


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