Monday, 1 September 2014

100th WORKSHOP....

I've been running cardmaking workshops since 2008, many things have changed over the years, but one thing that has remained the same is the FUN we have! no matter what, you can always guarantee at our craft club there will be lots of laughs.. some of us have had very difficult personal battles to deal with over the years but our craft club has kept us going, we've become such a great group of friends - the very best of friends - we've had many days out & weekends away together all of which have been fantastic!
 I absolutely LOVE IT & you guys really do mean the world to me :)

...this week was my 100th workshop!!!! to celebrate this i'm inviting you all to a FREE WREATH MAKING WORKSHOP - so if you attend my workshops, or have done in the past, or those of you who only come along the the full day events - you're all invited!!!

A lot of you commented on the wreath I made for my birthday workshop..

you all wanted to make one, so now's your'll be a large wreath, the same as pictured, but it'll be in Christmas colours.

It'll be a FULL DAY workshop 
10:30 - 4:30 
Saturday 4th October

email me if you'd like to come along -


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Unknown said...

Congratulations Clair! What an achievement!! I Have to say I enjoy coming to the workshops it's fun, I have learnt a lot, spent a lot and enjoy the company. Look forward to the workshop!! Xxx

Jane said...

That's beautiful, the colours are so bright, it would look fabulous on my craft room wall! x

Whisper said...

OMG 100 workshops, gee that is some going and what a fabby way to celebrate it too, Luv Sam x

Linny said...

A great achievement Clair. Look at all the people you have made friends with and given so much joy too. Well done. Linda xxx

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