Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Non crafty favourite:

GlamGlow Super Mud & Mud Mask

As i'm getting older i'm noticing that my skin is starting to look tired & dull :(
a friend recently recommended I try the new glam glow mud masks - i'm not really a huge face mask fan but apparently all the celebrities are using these masks & they're the new 'must have' beauty essential!! 

They're not cheap at around £40 a pot - I shopped around online & manged to get a twin pack a little cheaper but even so it's still a pricey product.

my twin pack contained both the mud mask (black jar) & the super-mud clearing treatment (white jar).

The black one is basically a facial in a jar & the white one is designed to target bad skin areas - I tried the white one first - holy guacamole!!!! it basically showed me all the open pores in my skin which was really gross but when i rinsed it off my skin felt amazingly soft.
when I tried the black one I was surprised at how tingly it felt as it was drying - I liked that - it made me believe it was actually doing something! - when i rinsed this one off my skin was definitely smoother & had a lovely glow.

I'm super impressed & can see why everyone is raving on about these - they'll most definitely be a staple part of my beauty regime now - i only wish they were a little cheaper!! :)


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Well done Clair! It's such a pretty card, well deserved!

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