Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A tutu for Rosa..

While Sharni has been holidaying in Thailand mum & I have taken over the role of 'nanny' & been looking after Rosa & Austin 4 days a week - It's been lovely spending time with them. Austin is such a soft natured boy, easy to please & very content.. Rosa on the other hand is a fidget, she needs constantly entertaining & is not happy just 'playing' she has to be 'doing' something the whole time - there's nothing wrong with that of course, but boy is it exhausting, lol..!!!

One of the things which entertained her for a while was making this tulle tutu..

& we made a matching headband :)

It was great fun to make & I got to take some photo's which was lovely too :)

There are lots of instructions for on how to do this online but these ones I found are nice & simple.


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Unknown said...

What a little cutie Clair!! Love the tutu too!!!!!

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