Saturday, 12 April 2014


I love painting my nails but like most crafters I'm rather hands on & messy when creating so it would really bug me when my nail polish chipped so easily or worse still left marks on the craft project I was making! to prevent this I've just treated myself to the SensatioNAIL gel nail polish kit..

It's by no means cheap, but I have to say it seems really good..I done my nails 5 days ago & as yet there's absolutely no chipping & I've made 2 cards with no nasty marks on them...woohoo!!!  :)

(colour: raspberry wine)

I also think the gel has helped protect my natural nails, usually I would've broken a nail by now but with such a thick coat of gel on they're really tough!

I'd definitely recommend sensatioNAIL to any crafter.



PeeJay said...

Clair, I had a gel manicure last year and loved it. It lasted me over 5 weeks and in the end I took it off as my nails had grown up so much it started to look silly. Unfortunately it's not easy stuff to remove. You need acetone to remove it with and I had terrible trouble with my nails for a couple of months afterwards. It didn't do them any favours on the condition front and actually weakened mine for a good while. It's only recently that they've started to regain their strength and stop peeling. I would have it done again, especially for something special, but I wouldn't have it on a regular basis, no matter how nice and how long it lasts.

Clair Matthews said...

Thanks for the advice Pam..I have read online that some people suffered with damaged nails afterwards so I have bought all the proper sensationail remover stuff too & hopefully this works a treat - I'll let you know how I get on :)


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