Wednesday, 5 March 2014

FEBRUARY Monthly round-up...

I'm wanting to make my blog a little more of an 'all-rounder' rather than just about crafting so I thought I'd try a new feature, at the end of each month i'll be doing a monthly round up...just to keep a record of some of the little things that happen :)


I'm really enjoying hunting for treasures & all things vintage at the moment, we had a lovely day out at Ardingly Antiques & collectors fair & we've spent a lot of time visiting the local charity shops/thrifting - my best find this month was an old battered vintage mirror that I picked up for just £1.00 which is solid silver & scraps in at around £45.00! 

& I was very pleased to find a great set of vintage Pryex bowls to add to my day I want to have a collection that looks like this..


I've been very good a sticking to my 'healthy lifestyle' I'm swimming twice a week & eating a lot better, my favourite food of the moment is cous cous, this is what my lunch looks like most days..



Sofie was awarded 'best badminton player' in her class which is cool :)


Alan & I had two date nights this month - we went out for a lovely Indian meal at Brighton marina & we also went to the cinema to see the new Liam Neeson film..


We celebrated Sharni's 22nd birthday with a lovely Thai meal - I made her this card..


Sharni has settled into her new job as nanny for my niece Rosa & nephew Austin which is great, we all went a lovely walk over the fields the other day, I took the camera & grabbed a couple pics..


I had a lovely trip to Farnborough craft show with my friends :)


Oh... & I found myself in a 1000 year old dove cote!!! 
It's a weird story but let me give you the quick version - my brother Jobie keeps doves & was phoned by a lady who needed her dove cote emptied, turns out this lady was the owner of Charlston manor - I'm not sure if any of you have visited but it a gorgeous home & garden situated in the heart of east Sussex CLICK HERE to find out more...anyway, there's a dove cote in the grounds that the English heritage trust need to do some restoration works to but the doves needed re-homing first, so basically there was myself, Sharni & my two brothers in this dove cote catching doves, late at night armed with nets, flood lights, ladders etc..

This picture doesn't really show you the scale of the task at hand..this dove cote was a 1000 year old ancient monument & was absolutely MASSIVE!! - It was made to house around 500 doves!!!..that was one crazy & hilarious night I tell you!!!! :)


so, all in all a very good month. I hope February has been good to you too, let me know in the comments what you've been up to...


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Unknown said...

Ha, ha Clair that looked like fun, loved to have been a fly on the wall, when trying to catch the doves!!!!!!!

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