Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines blog giveaway WINNER....

I used to pick the winner of the giveaway..

comment no.5 was left by JENNY.R...Well done Jenny the punch is yours!!!!! :)

I can't believe we only had 10 people play along  - It's really strange, I've noticed a huge difference in the number of comments left on post since pinterest came along, I'm still having a large number of 'views' per day however I think people have got in the habit of just looking at pictures & not commenting just like you do on pinterest..I think losing the interaction is a bit sad really... :(



Unknown said...

Wow!!! thanks Clair!!!

Linny said...

Well done Jenny. Its funny isnt it Clair, I dont have anyone leave comments on mine now. Not that I add to it very often, haha maybe thats why. Although its linked to Facebook and I get comments there instead.
See you soon, Linda x

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