Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I'm so excited!!!...

Hiya, this is a completely non-crafty post but i'm so excited I needed to share! 

I have my very own beauty/dressing room..'Clairs Closet'..
I guess to most of you this isn't really very exciting news, but for me it's cool. 
We only live in a bungalow & mine & Alan's bedroom is a converted room in the roof so we've never had the height to have any decent wardrobe space. we've always kept the spare room as an on & off bedroom for Sharni when she's home but she's now 'officially' moving out..I know most mum's would be sad about this, but me, well I'm thrilled!!! :) only kidding, she's only actually moving 10 minutes from home into my brothers house to work as a live-in nanny to Rosa & Austin when my sis-in-law goes back to work. anyhow it's free'd up the spare bedroom & despite Alan wanting it as a 'Games/Cinema/Playstation/Man cave/Boys room' I won the fight & now we've turned it into a closet :)

It's only a small room but it works perfectly.

Here's a quick tour for you..this is what you see when you first walk in the door.. dressing table, there's a pull out drawer underneath which holds all my make-up, the two small top drawers hold lipsticks.. (the stool is only temporary).. the left we have an Ikea Malm drawer unit which has my perfume collection on top & has my hair stuff in the top drawer, body creams, lotions & potions in the next two.. the left again, we have another Ikea unit which homes my handbags.. the right of the dressing table we have another Malm unit, this one has my nail varnishes on top & holds underwear in the first drawers, jeans in the second & belts, scarves, gloves etc in the bottom one..

..turning right again we have my jewellery armoire..

..then to the right of that we have two Ikea hanging rails with all my clothes on..(I have ordered matching hangers, coz I'm OCD like that!!) live neatly underneath..

..and that's about I said it's probably not that exciting for you but to be able to hang all my clothes full height is a luxury for me :)

If you're interested the wallpaper is from NEXT & the wall lights are from Laura Ashley.
The art on the wall is a limited edition piece from Copyright called Sorrow.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my house.. see you soon!



Unknown said...

Who's a lucky girl then!! Looks really nice Clair, love the way you displayed your handbags! Wish I could do that, but then hubby would see how many handbags I really have!!!! Xx

Cally said...

This looks great Clair, very lucky girl. Wish I had one like that..:-)

Sam said...

Wow, I love it! My daughter moved out last year and I was planning to move all my craft stuff that is taking over the house into her old room, but I may have changed my mind having seen your post.

Linny said...

Amazing Clair and all those shoes and handbags!!!!!

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