Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi Guys.. sorry i'm late posting this weeks workshop project, I know it should've been up yesterday & I promise it'll be here soon!! :)

 I really don't know where the time is going again at the moment, is it just me that finds the weeks are just flying by?!? If I'm honest with you i'm feeling kind of weird at the moment, I have days where I'm so busy & don't get time to stop, busy with my family, busy with my crafting, busy with photography, busy with the cats & I really LOVE all those things! but then I have moments where I suddenly realise that life is moving too fast & I feel like I haven't done enough...I know it's weird & I think it's triggered by the fact we've sadly had a few deaths around us lately, Alan's grandad, my dads auntie, my dads uncle & the daughter of a close friend too...it makes me want to do everything, keep busy & live life to the fullest but also slow down & take the time to appreciate every moment... how do I win this argument with myself?...any ideas?....


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