Saturday, 16 March 2013

Boys birthday..

My little nephew Daniel is going to his very best friends birthday party today so I was asked to make a card, I knew I wanted to use my new star shaped dies I picked up at Farnborough craft fair the other week so I came up with this..

I'm sure Owen will love the card..well in all honesty i'm sure he'll be more interested in the present that'll be given along with it!!..but hey, that's the joy of being 6 years old I guess!! :)

Have a great weekend!




Linny said...

WOW fabulous Clair. I wish I knew how to do the sentiment with the line around. it looks fab. Linda x

Charlie said...

Looks to perfect and fresh and crisp to me. Lucky Owen - did you use your PC to make the border and write the text?? =0)

Efrat said...

What a perfect card. Love the layout and the colors.

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