Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Step-by-step guide..ROLLED ROSE..

Hello!!... I fancied doing something different on here today so I put together this pictorial step-by-step guide for you..


Step 1: Start by punching out lots of squares from your choice of cardstock or paper - I used the 1 3/8" Stampin up punch - you'll need around 20 squares..

Step 2: Fold the top right corner of the square down towards the bottom left. leaving a small lip..

Step 3: Fold the top left corner down towards the bottom right, lining it up at the bottom with the first fold - so now you have the lip just along the bottom.. 

Step 4: Repeat with all 20 squares..

Step 5: Curl each one by wrapping around a pencil..

Step 6: Roll one of you petals completely around itself & glue into place..

Step 7: Roll a second petal around the first one & glue into place - you only need to add glue along the bottom lip..

Step 8: Continue rolling petals around the outside, gluing each one as you go - here's what it will look like from above..

Step 9: Continue rolling & gluing petals around the outside - again & again..

..& again & again..

..& again & again! until you've used up all 20 of your petals..

Step 10: wait for the glue to dry completely & then carefully bend down the tips of the petals with your fingers.. & add leaves if you desire..

Step 11: Sit back, have a cuppa & be very proud of your gorgeous rose!!!! :)

I hope you like my little step-by-step guide, please leave a comment & let me know if you did :)
If you have any other suggestions of what you'd like to see on here then just let me know, it's fun to try some different things on here occasionally.

Thanks for looking


P.S..I have a Valentines blog give-away coming soon!!!!!


Linny said...

Brilliant tutorial Clair.


Fabulous tutorial Clair
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Efrat said...

Beautiful. Great tutorial. I want to try it soon.

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