Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Isn't it a glorious day today???...We have a brilliant blue sky here in Brighton & the temperature is just perfect too. I've just taken this picture of a tree {weed} that comes up in our front garden every year, I have no idea what it is, (i'm really NOT a gardener!) but when it flowers it's the most beautiful yellow ever & yellow is my favourite colour, so it makes me very happy...

 Doesn't it look stunning against that blue sky??..

The weather has made me be good today, I've been trying to lose weight since before xmas and I done ok at first, but recently I'd started to lose motivation..but today, on this lovely sunny day, I've been out for a swim & done 1000meters!!!..How good am I????

Here's the down side though - I'm making homemade fruit crumble tonight for desert & we all know that has to eaten with extra thick double cream doesn't it????? naughty naughty!!! :o)


On to something crafty...I know this is very late but I wanted to show you the card I made for my mum for mothers day...

Quite a simple card...but this flower arrangement was great fun to make..

& this card I got from Sofie..

 ..Isn't it the best card ever???!!!...She done this all by herself, she literally locked herself in the craftroom for 2 hours to make this..look at all the little details.

...it's brilliant!! I really LOVE it, thank you Sofie :o) 

 (& Sharni, all because you're in Dubai, that's no excuse for not making & sending me a card!!!.. & calling me a day late!!!..lol...)

Enjoy the rest of your day!



PeeJay said...

The yellow plant is a forsythia and it's a shrub. Looked after it can be the most beautiful of shrubs and can get quite big and bushy.

Beautiful cards Clair. I'm in Brighton, well Woodingdean. I really should come to your classes some day!

Linny said...

You can trim the Forsythia and it will keep on growing each year.
Beautiful cards.Linda x

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