Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why I blog..

I've seen so many bloggers lately questioning 'why they blog', so I started to think long & hard about why I do it too, and to be honest I don't think I have one precise answer.

Some bloggers (in my opinion) get very competitive, it becomes all about who has the most 'hits' or who has the most 'comments' etc.. I'm really not into all that. Yes comments are lovely, I truly appreciate every comment I get because it is lovely to know that you guys are out there liking what I do.. I have over 170 followers, an average of 400 page views a week & hundreds of lovely comments & all those figures just totally WOW me, I'm amazed that you all enjoy what I do. I certainly don't profess to be the best or most original at anything (I'm a great copycat!) my writing skills are poor, so my posts tend to be blunt & to the point - I wish I could tell you story after story & captivate you all - But it just doesn't flow for me :o(

Sometimes blogging is a complete chore - My family are my number one priority & when I don't get chance to blog (when I'm busy being 'Mum') I feel really bad, I start to feel pressured into just getting something up so you all don't feel let down by me.

Of course my blogging originally was about business - I honestly thought I could set up a blog, set up an online craft shop & be rich!! ok maybe not rich, but successful. even now as an SU demo, my blog helps to get my Stampin up orders in - we all have minimums to meet you know & it's not always easy, more & more though I'm starting to hate that side of it, all my craft workshop ladies who know me, know I'm a crafter NOT a salesperson. For me it's the social side of it I love, it's not about making money but I've made LOADS of new friends since blogging - Isn't that brilliant??!!?? the WWW can be a wonderful place.

I spend my 'chill out' time blogging/online..I don't really watch TV, I find it boring, but I do love browsing around other peoples blogs, being inspired by others, playing along with challenges - Isn't it only fair that I give something back as I get so much from others.. If just one person gets inspired by a card I make then to me that's just great.

I also have my photography blog, again I'm not a fab photographer & I certainly don't have all the best equipment, but we (myself, my mum & my girls) do love our days out taking photos & if that inspires any of you to get out there, go for a nice family walk & take some photos then that's great isn't it? You do start to see the world differently when you go out with a camera, you take notice of the small things & I like that - it makes me happy :o)

So I guess really that's the answer to my question - BLOGGING MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

I'd love to see why you guys blog, so please take the time to do a post like this & link back to this post so I can read your thoughts on blogging.



Anonymous said...

As you know Clair I don't have a blog as I am useless with computers but I love reading other people's blogs and seeing what they are up to and I do leave comments on yours as I think if people take the time to post on their blogs it must be nice to know people out there are reading them. Keep it up. Sara Bailey x

Linny said...

You inspire me Clair, so keep at it. Linda x

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