Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Zumba Classes!!!!!

Hi Ladies..

Well just in case you haven't got my email i'm popping the info up here too..

For a while us 'Valentines' have been trying to think of something to do on the one Thursday a month we don't get together & make cards/scrapbook. We came up with lots of suggestions but the one that had the most interest was...
I've spoken to a lovely lady who runs Zumba classes around Brighton & she happens to do one on Thursdays just 5 mins from where we hold the workshops. she seems really nice, she's happy for us 'Valentines' to go just once a month & I've warned her that we're doing it for a laugh & we won't be taking to too seriously!! :o) So this Thursday 9th June is our first chance to go - The class is 7:45 - 8:45 we'll be meeting there at 7:30.

If we get really into it, she's more than happy to run a private class for us 'valentines' at my hall, but we'll see if we survive how it goes for a while first.

If you live locally & you'd like to come along just email me & let me know - You're all very welcome even if you don't come to craft club.

See you Thursday Ladies!!


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