Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Workshop project..

Sorry I've been gone for so long..

My parents home was broken into last week while they were asleep upstairs, how awful is that!! Hubby & I have had the unpleasant experience of being burgled a few years ago & the only thing we were thankful for was the fact that we were away on holiday at the time so nobody was home. but poor mum & dad were asleep in their bed at the time & the bas**rds broke in!!! apparently they were just 'car thieves', I don't think that's of any great comfort though..It's still horrendous to know they were snooping around your home.. They broke in through my parents back doors, took my dads briefcase, laptop,iphone & keys..opened the safe & emptied the contents, rummaged through mums handbags, took money & bank cards etc & then drove off in Dad's car!..
The police have actually now caught them (4 of them!)..& managed to get the car & a few of the possessions back but it still very unsettling & such a nightmare dealing with insurance companies and such..It's going to take a very long time to get things back to normal.

(If you've emailed/text me over & i've not replied please bear with me..I will get back to you soon I promise)

Anyway..on to more happier things :o)

My birthday bash is proving to be very popular...I soooo love my crafty friends!!! :o) so over the next two weeks mum & I will be very busy designing projects, prepping all the kits & arranging everything - It's going to be great fun!.. I can't wait!!!!!
There really are only a couple more spaces available so if you're thinking of coming along please let me know asap.


Finally here's what we're making at workshops this week..

I've dug out an old favourite stamp set of mine.. It's the Stampin Up 'Crazy for Cupcakes' set..this is one of the very first sets I ever bought & I still love it & think it's just perfect for girly cards..We're going to be making 4 cards this week..YES 4!!!!!!

& a decorating an acetate box for them to live in..

Isn't this a great gift to give to someone?!! - I love it!!!

Don't forget to bring along your colouring things along with your usual tools..

See you Thursday!!!



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your parents, that is really awful I think it would really freak me out knowing someone had been in my home when I was there. We had our shed broken into a few years ago and the quads were taken and then a couple of months ago someone drained our oil tank. Some nice people out there. Love the cards you are making. Sara B

Linny said...

OMG! What a shock for your mum and dad. Just makes you think what if they had come upstairs! or dad had gone down stairs! See you at the Birthday Bash...hugs Linda x

Monica Gale said...

OMG Clair so very sorry to hear about your parents how very scary for them!!
I adore your workshop samples very girly indeed and very bright. Hugs xxx

Sarn said...

Bad news about the break in . . . hope your parents have recovered well from the shock and distress of it all.

Fabulous cards.

Hugs, Sandra

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