Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lili of the valley.. again..

ohmygoodness...the children are driving me nutty!!!! At this very moment I have 6 children playing in the house!! I tried encouraging them to play game?! a puzzle?! some art?!..everything I suggested is just no! no! no!...instead they're running around like loonies, it's obviously been a stressful day at school & they need to let off steam but running around the garden kicking balls, screaming, shouting, scooting, pogo-ing, skipping etc... SOOOOO..I've decided the very very best thing to do in this situation is to hide myself in the craftroom & leave them to it!!! :o)

I've just made this card for the Lili of the Valley Thursday challenge. The challenge is ribbons & bows..

It's a very large card 20cm x 20 cm, & it sure did use a LOT more ribbon than I anticipated but I think it's worth it don't you??

oh well..I better go & check the kiddies are ok..wish me luck!!


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Sue said...

This si sooooooo sweet i just love lOV trouble is can never decide which to buy har har Luv Sue x

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