Saturday, 21 May 2011

Craftroom update...

I thought I'd share with you today a few updated photos of my craftroom.

My room is only very small & I am a bit of an organisation freak, so I'm always trying to jig it around & re-organise things to gain extra space!

Behind my door I have all my ribbon, it hangs on rails which are from Ikea..

Then, turning to the left, I have my Magnetic wall where all my nestabilities live.. I still some of this magnetic sheeting if anyone wants some??..I bought a 10 metre roll of it! - It works out around £10 per metre & mine here is approx 1.5metres..

turning left again, we come to my Ikea Expedit unit - I LOVE THIS!!! this unit is where basically everything lives..

My favourite parts are..My 24 Display Dynamics trays holding all my patterned papers..

& some really cute cupcake storage boxes from Whsmiths, these are all labelled up & contain acrylic stamps, distressing inks, mulberry flowers, sticky gems & embellishments, chipboard letters..

On top of the unit I have my scrapbook albums..

& my brilliant rotating glass jar holder which I got from my local charity shop a few months ago for just £3.50!!!!!! I've filled each jar with different coloured flat backed pearls..

moving around again we get to my desk space..
Ikea shelves hold all my small bits & bobs..Ikea rails for most of my punches..

On my desk I have my Stampin Up ink caddy..

Under my desk I have drawers filled with all my stampin up & penny black wooden stamp but I forgot to take a pic! anyway, moving around again we come to my messy Printing & Cricut area..

& then some more Display Dynamics trays holding all my Stampin up Coloured cardstock & labelled accordingly.. (can you see the stack of A4 papers next to the shelves???..they really bug me as they don't have a proper home!!!)

Next to that is my Really useful button storage - organised by colour & shape..obviously!

Then finally we get back around to the other side of the room which Is my little sewing desk area, which isn't really organised yet & i'm not sure what to do with it, hence the empty shelves above & fabric just shoved in a box on the floor!!!..

I hope you like my little pictorial tour...If you have any questions just ask.




Wow Clair
Looks fabulous and so organised,
Hugs Dianne xx :)

AuroraDawn said...

I love it! So organised - I wish mine were finished (and that organised!)

Do you happen to remember what the Ikea shelves are called that you have used to hold all your small bits & bobs? I think I 'need' them.


Clair Matthews said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! :o)

Dawn..I can't remember?!?..I've just had a quick looky on the ikea website but I can't find them..I'm pretty sure they still sell them though (there's loads more instore than online).. they were in the kitchen section.

Shazronnie said...

Oh, your craft room is so tidy! Feel ashamed looking at my cupboard rammed full and higgledy piggledy!

Sue said...

Wow you are so tidy and organized i have a very small box room and once i have been in there crafting its like the room is going to swallow me so much stuff so little room you put me to shame can you pop to Derbyshire to do some sorting out har har Luv sue x

Susan said...

That looks fab! I love your rotating jar thingy and your paper shelving especially.

Linny said...

Brilliant Room Clair and so tidy. I think I must have too much stuff, everytwhere is a tip in my bedroom cum craft room lol.

Lisa said...

What a lovely room! The rotating rack you used for your beads is AwEsOmE!! And your room is a beautiful shade of pink - love it!

Kort og Søm said...

Wow...this is so organized!!
Just love it,
hugs Fredrikke

Lol said...

Our craft room is lovely so beautifully organised. I wish I could keep mine that tidy for more than 2 seconds!

Hugs Lol xxx

Saphira said...

Lovley room
I'm falling in love with your rotating glass jar holder

Greetings from Germany

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

Everything looks great!

jayne said...

Very nice - love your ideas!

Em said...

oh my goodness. I am loving your idea with the magnetic wall- I clicked on the link--but what type did you use? I think this definately is my next purchase-i have a ton of quickutz that I think would look great on a wall! ps love your cupcake accents...i also use them in my room!

Brennan's Mom said...

Are they Bygel rails from Ikea???

Also, I LOVE those little boxes with your buttons! My Mom just passed three onto me and I think they are the best thing since sliced bread!

Great ideas and your room looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing! said...

I alway love to meet another Clair! You inspire me to clean it all up and I love, love, love the rotating embellishment organizer! How fabulous! I will be starting with the Nestabilities. You can check the blog of this Clare (me) at

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