Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Congrats Jackie!!..

My good friend Jackie (who owns The Crafty Garden in Seaford) has just become a grandma!!!..so of course I had to make a card, I literally went into the craftroom the moment she told me!!!..so about 10 o/clock last night this little card was made ready to go in the post first thing this morning..

It's always scary sending a card to another cardmaker & especially one who's lucky enough to own her own craft shop! all those crafting goodies at her fingertips!!!..it's just not fair..

Jackie don't look at the card too closely... it was made very late at night!!! - next time you have a grandchild can you make sure you let me know earlier in the day please :o)


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Jackie said...

Clair, thank you so much. Your card is absolutely beautiful and just like my little grandson perfect in every way.


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