Friday, 8 April 2011

Happy Birthday Kay..

Yet another birthday card for one of my workshop ladies, a very good friend & someone who has been coming to my workshops since the very beginning!!! way back in October 2008 I started 'Valentines' & although we've moved premises a few times, we've always been a great group! - We've hopefully learnt a few things over the years, but more importantly we've had a whole heap of fun & lots of laughs!!!

I handmade the flower using the Large Stampin Up flower punch & them added a touch of stickles to make it pop!

Can you think of a name for my 'workshop ladies'..????.. we need like a group name...Something to do with 'Valentines'....What could we be called?...any ideas???



Suzie Q said...

Hi Clair,
just love this card with the bold colours and your rose is fab!
just a thought your ladies could be called your little Rosie Petals!
(that blossom in your craft classes lol!)
have a lovely weekend!
Suzie Qx

nannyjan said...

How about the Valentinies!! LOL!!

A take off of the old advert 'we are the Ovaltinies' - ask Gaynor if you are too young to remember! He He!!

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