Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Do I ever...

...have time to stop???!!!

I don't think so.. There seems to be so much to do at the moment I just don't have a minute to spare! I'm not complaining, I mean, I like it that way...but boy sometimes it'd be nice to kinda relax & do nothing :o)

It's been yet another hectic weekend.. I've been to a show (The ladyboys of Bangkok..fabulous!) been to the Glitterpot craft day.. had 3 meals out with friends & family.. tried to repair washing machine.. ordered new washing machine.. changed my winter wardrobe in to my summer wardrobe.. got rid of my bookshelf in hallway & re-homed all the books.. vaxed all the carpets..visited 2 garden centres.. designed & prepped for workshop tonight..designed & prepped for next weeks workshops.. made Sofie a skirt & matching hair band..not to mention looking after all the pets & doing general housework, cooking & cleaning etc... ok, so if you've not got bored reading this post & clicked to visit someone else's blog you deserve a medal!!! :o)

oooh... I've also made a card too..

It's for my MIL, she called last week to say she'd fallen & broken her ankle & another bone in her foot too!!..OUCH!!!!..Yesterday she had her purple plaster fitted so I made this card to let her know we're thinking of her & to send some hugs her way.

Thank you for putting up with my 'ranting' post..I hope you all had a lovely relaxing week.

bye for now


Elaine Harding said...

Oh Clair, what a busy bee you've been! It's made me tired reading about it! lol.... x

Whisper said...

Oh bless you hun, you have been busy - I saw The Ladyboys when i was in Bangkok - 9 years ago. Fabby card, poor old MIL though, Sam x

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