Thursday, 18 March 2010


Did I tell you just how much I LOVE the new full heart punch?????!!! It's great - look at these beautiful roses I made last week..

They're SO easy to make, just follow these 5 steps..

Step 1: Punch out hearts {I used about 20 per rose}
Step 2: Curl the hearts around a pen to give them some shape.
Step 3: Layer the hearts, wrapping around each other & glue together {I used a hot glue gun but tombow would've been much easier!}
Step 4: Gently fold back the petal tips & add a little tombow.
Step 5: Dip the roses in the gorgeous Stampin Up Dazzling diamonds.



Ali M said...

They are brilliant Clair.I havent had chance to play with my heart punch..i must remember to show Abi the sure she would like to make some for her teacher/Grandma/aunt..etc!xx

Tracey said...

Clair these are stunning. Thanks for sharing how they are made.


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