Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's snowing....

Again!!..Is it me or is the snow just not as exciting this time round???!!!...
In fact, today, the snow is annoying me!!!


I had great plans today to go out a visit lots & lots of craft & fabric shops..Oh, I never told you did I???..Santa was very kind to me & gave me my sewing machine for Christmas,well, actually he gave me money to go & buy one...& I have!

Here she new toy-
She's lovely!!..I don't actually know how to use her that well just yet, but I'll get there...anyway, I wanted to visit all the fabric shops I could find today & buy some bits & bobs, But NO, I'm snowed in again!!!


To make it even worse I'm panicking the snow wont melt by tomorrow..& I have a workshop to teach tomorrow evening!!! We're making some super-cute little 'Thank you' Cards & I'm really looking forward to it, not only because the cards are cute but I haven't seen my group since before Christmas & we've gotta lotta catching up to do!!!

I've never cancelled a workshop yet & I really don't want to! - please please melt snow!!!



Burnice said...

Lovely machine! Why don't you wait and go to Ardingly Quilt show. It's the last weekend in Jan I think.
happy sewing
Burnice x

Sara said...

Definitely not exciting... 9 days overdue and dreading any more snow! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lovely machine, I've had an Elna for many years and it's never let me down. Jan

AuroraDawn said...

Gorgeous machine Clair, sorry the snow and ice got in the way of the class last night! hope it can go ahead next week ...

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