Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Have you ever heard of this charity?.. Its a fantastic charity which organises cards, letters & gifts to be sent to sick children.
My good friend Dawn has post on her blog asking if anyone would be willing to join up & i'm definitely up for it!!! I, like Dawn, will be sending at least 5 cards this month & some more in December....
Are you willing to join up???


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know Vicky who runs the charity :) Have done lots for Postpals, it's a great charity. My tutor group send Christmas cards every year :)

Clair Matthews said...

Fab!!! Could we perhaps arrange an event/get together to make a few bits for the children...???


AuroraDawn said...

Thanks for joining up Clair, Clair an event to make some goodies for the kids sounds great :O)

There's a blog award for you on my blog please don't feel pressured to post it!

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