Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm hooked!!!!

As promised, a quick post to keep you updated on the quilting idea...
Well, we went up to The Quilt Room in Dorking - WOW it was brilliant!!! I'm totally hooked already..the fabrics are just amazing & the lady up there was wonderful.
The whole idea of quilting, or even machine sewing is quite daunting to me - I don't even own a sewing machine! But, my mum is great with a machine, she has been using one & making clothes since she was 7 years old (she sure has a lot to teach me!!!) After our trip to the quilt room we headed back down to Brighton & straight into our local sewing machine shop - the ingeniously named..Brighton Sewing Centre.. Again, a wonderful shop keeper,very very helpful & informative, he let me try all the machines & find the one that would work best for me...of course, I found one & surprise surprise it was over my budget.. I will get it though! - I just need a little more time to convince hubby that I NEED to spend ££££ on a sewing machine!

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