Thursday, 26 November 2009

2010 Diary & Teachers pressies...

Here's one of the diaries we've been making at the workshops..

Aren't they great?...I can't wait to start using mine!

They're much better than the ones we made last year..

We now have week-to-view pages which are far better, a small pocket for keeping notes in & the little acetate page finder which simply pops on & off the bind it all wire is a great touch (Well done Sharni for coming up with that idea :o) )

We'll be needing them in no time!! - I can't believe quite how quickly this year has flown by..only 4 weeks til Christmas. I've not done any Christmas shopping yet & I have absolutely no idea what to buy anyone!!! Sofie & I have made her teachers some presents though...

For her headteacher we made a desktop calendar..
Her class teacher is getting a personalised pocket calendar..

& her classroom assistant is getting a cute little personlised post it note holder..

There's something very special about giving a handmade gift, don't you think?..much nicer than anything you'd find in the shops!
Anyway I must dash now,I have LOADS to do today...I'll be back tomorrow though with a little blog candy for you!!!
Bye for now!!


Julia said...

These are fab, definitely much nice nicer than anything in the shops!! Thanks for the inspiration! xx

AuroraDawn said...

I can't believe I missed another class :( so sorry Clar, I've been sooo unwell had the flu proper and still not over it, now feels like a heavy cold.

I was so looking forward to making one of the diaries :( They look great as do all the other goodies you've made as teacher's gifts :)

Best wishes


Clair Matthews said...

Not to worry Dawn...I guessed you were still feeling poorly.

Hope you get better soon (((HUGS)))

Ali M said...

Brilliant ideas!!Abis teacher leaves at Christmas so Im hoping to make something extra for I know what!!..xx

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