Monday, 12 October 2009

Look what arrived today......

Set B !!!!!!!
I know I shouldn't have...but I got them on Ebay & they were a bargain!!! :o)


Ali M said...

WOW!!Im still undecided...Do I reallllly need them?Ive looked and looked and dithered n debated!!Wishing now Id asked for money for my birthday instead of the shoes from Shoon..!hey ho!

Clair Matthews said...

You SOOOOO need them Ali... Take the shoes will be fun!!! :o)

Burnice said...

I just love my copics. I have sets A and B in the 36. Which sets of 36 is this set B of 72? Get me? Ebay here I come

Clair Matthews said...

eerrrmmmm...You've confused me burnice!!?? :o)

Burnice said...

Confused me too when I read it back. I'll explain when we have that coffee !!

Burnice x

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