Friday, 28 August 2009

I'm lovin them...

...The Copics that is!... I really don't know how I managed before (just like GHD's!!).

Just look at how vivid the colours are on these cards, ok so I know I have a bit of learning to do re: shading/lighting but I will get there soon enough (fingers & toes crossed).. I just love the fact they blend soooo well & no streaks...

I'm really 'NEEDING' the other set of 72 now......
Thanks for looking


Ali M said...

I shall not buy ..
I shall NOT ..
I shall!!!

looks fab ..!!

Caroljenks said...

The colours are FAB!

I'd never think of doing Butterfly Tilda in those type of colours - but she looks stunning! LOVE IT!

Carol x

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