Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Morning all.
Here's the card we made at yesterdays workshop...It was a very small class yesterday with a couple of my ladies being unable to attend, but as it happens that was a blessing!..I done the worst thing ever imaginable... I made a 'mess up' in the demonstration & made the card wrong!!!! OOOPS!!! to make it worse my ladies were going at the same speed as me so they copied & messed up their cards too!!! OOOPS AGAIN!!! as it happens it wasn't too bad at all (I just felt bad!!!) My ladies were brilliant & laughed about it...Luckily I had enough spare card with me to get over the problem & remake the bit we done wrong but it was sooooo embarrassing!!!

I hope I'm forgiven ladies??!!! - see you soon (hopefully) :o)



Whisper said...

I'm so disappointed for missing yesterday, as I knew exactly the person, I was going to send the card too !!! Sounds like you had fun though, Sam xx

Sara said...

It wasn't that big a mistake!
The card would have looked great in it's new form, (acetate flat against card instead of slightly away from card)... but perfectionist Clair, made us new frames and away we went!
Fab card... looks even nicer in reality too!

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