Thursday, 14 May 2009

Finally some time to play..

I'm in a much better mood now, so I made some time for myself & spent the day in the craftroom :o) I had to prepare for tonights workshop (we're making a fold out card with the Choo Choo stamp set. I'll put pics up on here tomorrow) & I had to think of an idea for our Mencap workshop next week, in the end I decided on this card..
A pop-up flower pot card.. Nice & easy to make, Bright & Cheerful card...I'm sure we'll have a load of fun with this :o)

Thanks for looking



Hi Clair this is brilliant just love this, Dianne xx

Unknown said...

I love this where did you get the idea? I would love to do this!

Looking forward to seeing the choo choo work shop!

Love Dawn xx

Rachel said...

How funny I made one of these last night - although mine is miniaturised and stuck on a card!


Saskia said...

Beautiful work!! You are so creative!! Lovely blog!!


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely and bright!
Soprry I've not been around, but work has taken over my life, as you could tell!
Have you managed to find a nice new car yet?
Thinking of you all xx

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